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Autonomous UV-C Dynamic Disinfection Robot

UVD Robots® is a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Robotics specializing in innovative service robots for humans. UVD Robots was founded by experts in the field of disinfection and disease prevention with the objective of producing an efficient solution to the challenging infected all-round areas.

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Autonomous Cleaning Robot System
For Brilliant Results

Adlatus CR700 is an autonomous cleaning robot, capable of cleaning large areas in a short period of time, using various cleaning methods. The robot is suitable for crowded environments.
ADLATUS CR700 will autonomously it’s battery charged, empty waste water and refill fresh water simultaneously at a single Docking Station.

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Innovation, quality and performance combined

Whiz-i is a powerful vacuum sweeper service robot. It is capable of vacuuming large and diverse floor spaces simultaneously (carpets, tiles, wooden floors etc.) in a short time period. The autonomous robot’s powerful sensors allow for reliable movement, avoiding it from colliding into people and obstacles.

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GoBe Robot

Presence. Anywhere. Anytime

With GoBe Robots telepresence you can save time, money and hassle from travel. Stay safe and be present at the same time with GoBe Robots telepresence. With natural mobility and immersive telepresence, GoBe Robots puts you in the room and gives a feeling of social inclusion.

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The leading Transport robot for Healhdcare Centers

TUG is an autonomous mobile robot that navigates securely around humans, and independently moves indoors and in between building flights, uses elevators and passes through automated doors. Assignments can be pre-scheduled or on-demand. TUG is designed to securely transport medications, narcotics and lab specimens as well as carts for textiles, catering, medical equipment, sterile utensils, ordinary and medical waste, internal mail etc. During the last decade, more than 1,000 TUGs were assimilated in over 150 healthcare centers worldwide.

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Double 3

Video conferencing Robot Enables Virtual presence at Work Site

Double 3 is a self-driving, two-wheeled videoconferencing robot that revolutionizes the way you work remotely: Double gives you a physical presence where you can’t be in person. Whether you’re at home, abroad or engaged in a remote project, your Double enables you to roam around the office or factory, attend meetings, monitor work sites or visit patients.